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Alimony is not always indicated. The longer the marriage and the larger the gap between the parties’ incomes, the more it is likely.

  • Alimony is deductible to the payor and taxable to the recipient.
  • Parties have to live apart to pay alimony, but need not be divorced.
  • Alimony can take the form of payment of the recipient’s mortgage, for instance, and is only recognized by the IRS if it is based on a written agreement.
  • Alimony is figured as a percent of the difference between the Parties’ incomes, upto a maximum of 35%.
  • Need is a major consideration.
  • Duration of alimony depends on length of marriage.  
  • Whatever the indicated duration, 'clock' starts upon fdivorce absolute
  • Alimony ends at end of the pre-determined period, death of either, marriage of recipient or payor's final retirement age.

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